Elektronik System

The Elektronik System was founded by Mr. Massimo De Costanzo in 1996 that over the years has meant that his company was always competitive and up to date by using the know-how solutions to stay ahead.

From over 15 years we realize electrical wirings and assemblies of electronic components using the most modern production technologies, our equipment is modern enough to allow the processing of any type of cable.

Our fields of application are: cables for automotive, for aerospace, for electromedical, for railways, for industry, for telecommunications, for robotics, structured, for broadcast-radio, for naval sector , for ground handling, for lift-elevator, for agriculture.

The company is able to meet the needs of small, medium and large enterprises.

We realize welding on electronic circuit boards exclusively with Weller soldering stations or wave welding stations, we produce electricals and electronics wirings with any type of connector or terminal, we work unipolar, multipolar, special coaxial cables with sections ranging from 0.01 sqmm to 120 sqmm with marking hot or inkjet.

One of our latest innovations that we have included concerns the comoulding born to offer to our customers a very complete service.

We have the most modern strimper-crimper presses, stacking machines, cutting / stripping / crimping machines , numerically controlled presses Macromelt low pressure and high pressure PA6.

The connectors we currently use are : all family Tyco, all family Molex , all family Framatrone, all family Sicma, all family Amphenol, all family Deutsch, all family Weidmuller, all family Phoenix, Hirose, equivalents and many others depending on the area of application.

Our technical department is able to design in order to optimize quality and production costs using the most modern CAD application for project implementation.

Each product is subjected to extensive testing of quality control from raw material to finished product, we also provide on request test report of all of our articles.

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Our route departs from the idea of the customer realizing electric scheme to the c.a.d. passing from the purchase of the material to the cut with numerical control machinaries through crimping with automatic presses to the assemblage then and finally to the testing.

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All of our wirings pass through careful visual controls during all the phases of the workmanships to reach then the control quality pin to pin through electronic test of the most sophisticated.

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The Elektronik System during the years has been countersigned for having always inserted new productive proposals tended to offer a complete packet to the customers that it acquired in the years. The frantic evolution of the technologies imposes us to be always a footstep before!!!!

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What we offer

Electric wiring for:

  • Automotive
  • Earth movement
  • Agriculture
  • Military
  • Radio Frequency
  • Railways
  • Naval
  • Elevators / freight elevator
  • Electromedical
  • Broadcasting
  • Comoulding

  • Custom connectors
  • Electronic cards
  • Ramifications to y
  • EN 175301-803 (ex din 43650) Connectors
  • M12 Connectors
  • Assembly of electronic boards

  • Assembling cards in traditional technology
  • Hand welding and editing of electromechanical components
  • More info

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